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Shizuoka Sengen Shrine

Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is the name for a collective group of three shrines, the Kambe Shrine, Sengen Shrine, and Ohtoshimioya Shrine. It was worshiped as the Suruga Province Soja, and received the veneration of Tokugawa in the Edo era. The grand and brilliant main buildings are richly colored in urushi coating. 26 buildings have been designated as a national important cultural property.

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Address #420-0868  102-1, Miyagasaki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Facsimile number 054-248-0360
E-mail address 非公開
Home page
Hours open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weekday Holiday 7:00 - 18:00
Regular holiday No holiday
Estimated time required 60 minutes
Full bloom stage Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Credit card Not accepted
Transportation Ride the Abe-sen bus from JR Shizuoka Station for 8 minutes, get off at“ Aka-Torii sengen Jinzya Iriguchi”
Approximately 15 minutes from Tomei/Shin-Tomei Express Way
Foreign languages (Display and/or papers) English


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