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Satta Pass (Hiking trail)

A scenic area overlooking Fuji, a famous comforting spot in Tokaido you can gaze at the Suruga Bay and the Izu Peninsula. Casual hiking Okitsu Station to Yui Station, why not leisurely walk through the attraction spots in Yui?

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Night view
Various expressions can be seen during different seasons.
Cherry blossoms and Satta Pass
Weeping peach and Satta Pass
Address #421-3115  Yuinishikurasawa, Shimizu-ku, Shimizu-shi
Parking Standard-sized car: 10 cars
Transportation (From Okitsu) About 1 hour by foot JR Okitsu Station. (From Yui) About 1 hour by foot Yui Station
From Shimizu Tomei Expressway Interchange to National Route 1 bypass Yui direction


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