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Wasabi cultivation birthplace Utougi
wasabisaibaihasshounoti utougi  

The origin of Japanese wasabi cultivation is said to be from transplanting and cultivating the wasabi that was native to the Utougi area in the early Edo period. In front of ”Utsurogi” where local products are sold, there is a monument ”wasabi cultivation birthplace.” At ”Utsurogi”, our specialty raw wasabi, Wasabizuke and buckwheat noodle are for sale.

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Monument for wasabi cultivation origin (Utsurogi)
Address #421-2303  Utougi, Aoi-ku
Estimated time required 60 minutes
Transportation From JR Shizuoka Station, ride the bus ”Abe Line” to driver’s license center (except busses going to Asahata) for about 75 minutes and get off at ”Utougi-bashi”. The destination is right by the bus stop.
About 40 minutes from Shin-Tomei Expressway Shin Shizuoka Interchange


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