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Kambara Castle Ruins

The castle was built by Imagawa in the beginning of the astronomical year (1532 〜1555), and was turned into Kambara Castle ruins in July 1582 by Tokugawa. Called the peak type mountain castle, it is one of the many mountain castles made in the early Sengoku period. In the summit the main enclosure was established, and around the area there were stairs placed as defense bases.

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Bird's-eye view
Address #421-3203  Zenpukuji, Shimizu-ku
Fee Adult: Free
Child: Free
Hours open 24 hours
Regular holiday No holiday
Estimated time required 30 minutes
Full bloom stage Spring
Credit card Not accepted
Parking Standard-sized car: 10 cars
Transportation JR Shizuoka Station - Ride the Tokaido line (inbound) ~Get off at JR Shin-Kambara Station ~ walk (40 minutes) - Kambara Castle ruins
Shimizu Tomei Expressway Interchange ~ (about 30 minutes) – National Route 1 bypass Takahama Interchange - (about 15 minutes) - Kambara Castle ruins


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