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Waterfall Tour of Umegashima
Ymegashima no Taki meguri  

Including the city’s largest waterfall ”Abe no Otaki”, which was also selected as one of the 100 waterfalls of Japan, there are many other waterfalls such as ”Sandan no taki”, ”Koi ga taki”, ”Akamizu no taki,” ”Hogetu no taki”. The path to Abe no Otaki is currently closed.

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Akamizu no takil
Koi ga taki
Sandan no taki
Onsen Yudaki
Address #421-2301  Umegashima, Aoi-ku
Transportation About 1 hour and 45 minutes by the ”Umegashima Onsen” bound bus from Shizuoka Station
About 50 minutes by car from ”Shin Shizuoka Interchange”


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