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Southern Alps Akaishi Onsen ”Shirakabaso”

It is a municipal hot spring that was reopened in 2009. The hot spring type is simple sulfur spring, and other than the large bath, there are also outdoor hot springs and multi-purpose bathrooms. There are double rooms (7 rooms) and quadruple rooms (3 rooms). Please use it when climbing, as it is located at the foot of the Southern Alps.

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Inside the facility
Indoor hot-spring
Outdoor hot spring
Southern Alps
Address #428-0505  1110-5, Tashiro, Aoi-ku
Fee Adult: 510yen
Child: 200yen
Hours open Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
Regular holiday Tuesday
Full bloom stage Spring, Summer, Autumn
Parking Standard-sized car: 50 cars
Large vehicle: 10 cars
Transportation 2.5 hours by car from Shin-Tomei Shizuoka Interchange
Only in Japanese Yes


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