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Mariko Castle Ruins
Mariko Johshi  

Mariko castle was erected during the Ouei period (1394~1428) by Yasumoto Saito, who was the retainer of Suruga's guardian, Imagawa. Later, the castle was used by Imagawa to protect the west entrance of Suruga-fuchu, the base of Imagawa. It was also used as the attack base along with Tanaka castle to attack the western part of Suruga after Takeda assumed control of the region. Currently, relics such as enclosures, earthworks, dry moats, Mikazuki-moats, Horikiri-moats, Katahori-moats, Masugata, Umadashi, etc are preserved.

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Address #421-0103  Mariko, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Transportation Take the bus "Chu-bu Kokudou-sen" from JR Shizuoka station for about 25 minutes, and get off at "Togeppou-sumpu-takumi-juku-iriguchi". The entrance to the starting point of the trailhead is ten minutes by foot.
About 25 minutes by car from Tomei Shizuoka Interchange


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