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Sumpu Castle Park Hitsujisaru-yagura (Hitsujisaru Turret)
Sunpujo Park HitsuJisaruyagura  

April 2nd 2014, Sumpu Castle Ninomaru Hitsuji Yagura was restored for the first time in 160 years. With the height of about 14m, it is a two-layer, three-story sumiyagura (an armory or a hut that serves as the defense basis at the time of a battle which is located at the corner). Inside the yagura, in order to make it easier to look at the building structure, some floorboards are replaced by glass. You can see the structure by removing a part of the second and third floor floorboards. In addition, there are video exhibits of the history and tower construction as well as 3D scope (extra charge) created by MR (Mixed Reality) technology.

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Character of Hitsujisaruyagura ”Shiro-kun”
Address #420-0855  Sumpu Castle Park, Aoi-ku
Fee Adult: 100yen
Child: 50yen
Fee (discounts) Past and present scope experience fee 500 yen
Hours open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weekday Holiday 9:00 - 16:30(Deadline16:00)
Regular holiday Monday, New Years
Estimated time required 60 minutes
Parking Standard-sized car: 0 cars
Large vehicle: 0 cars
Transportation 15 minutes by foot JR Shizuoka Station
About 20 minutes by car the Tomei Expressway Shizuoka Interchange


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