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Toro Ruins

The Toro-Iseki is a designated national historic site, and is even on school textbooks. The residences and storehouses from the Yayoi period have been restored within the ruin, and the lifestyle of the past Toro-villagers can be imagined.

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The restored raised-floor storehouse
Address #422-8033  5-10-5, Toro, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Facsimile number 054-287-1466
Home page
Fee Adult: Free
Child: Free
Hours open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weekday Holiday 24 hours
Regular holiday No holiday
Estimated time required 30 minutes
Full bloom stage Spring, Summer
Transportation Ride the bus to
About ten minutes by car from Shizuoka Interchange
Only in Japanese Yes


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