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A scenic location representing paradise city.

Mihonomatsubara pine tree grove

Mihonomatsubara pine tree grove represents “Sumpu” Shizuoka City and is located on the Miho peninsula which forms the Port of Shimizu. It is also the place where the Hagoromo Legend took place.

From olden days, this land has inspired its admirers to create poems and paintings. When you visit, you may personally experience that special feeling and, perhaps, also believe that the legend of the descending celestial maiden could actually be true. The Hagoromo-no-Matsu has always fascinated visitors with the breath-taking natural beauty of the beach looking up at Mt Fuji.

Photo Tour

Hagoromonomatsu pine tree is the sacred tree of the Miho-jinja Shrine that is included in this World Cultural Heritage site.
"Kami no Michi" (God’s Road), continues on to the pine tree grove from the Miho Shrine. It is said that the Gods walk along this road, through the 500m stand of pine trees.
Miho-no-Matsubara pine tree grove holds the legend of the descending celestial maiden and when you are here it feels as if the legend could really be true.
Hagoromonomatsu pine tree, the sacred tree of the Miho-jinja Shrine, seems to be waiting for the return of the celestial maiden.
This legendary landscape, so admired by the people of Japan and many from all-around the world, has become an important part of World Heritage.
The Hagoromo Festival, which takes place in October every year, features a person dressed as the fisherman of the legend who met the celestial maiden on her descent to Earth.
At the Hagoromo Festival, Takigi Noh is played.
A promenade of the alluring Matsubara. You will feel that you want to walk forever.
Pine tree planting activities and conservation activities for Matsubara are taking place with the locals taking lead.
Cycle around the attractive Miho peninsula. To Mt. Fuji after enjoying summer sea bathing at the Masaki Coast.
The Shimizu Lighthouse nearby. Japan's reinforced concrete building, built in 1912.
"Miho Navi", an information station that conveys the fascination of Miho-no-Matsubara through exhibitions and videos.

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