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Enjoy this superb view to your heart’s content.

Nihon-daira as Japan’s #1 View

Nihon-daira is a 300m high mountain which is surrounded by the plains area of Shizuoka City. It has been hailed as “Japan’s #1 View” and provides wonderful views from its summit of Mt Fuji and Shimizu Port.

On clear days, the supreme figure of Mt Fuji can be seen in the morning, noon and evening.

Photo Tour

Dawn over Shimizu Port - sunrise over Mt Fuji.
Evening at Shimizu Port as seen from the 300m summit of Nihon-daira, Japan’s #1 view.
The completely glass-paned windows in rooms at the Nippon-daira Hotel give dominating views of Shimizu Port and Mt Fuji.
Entrance to the Nippon-daira Hotel.
Shimizu Port and Mt Fuji seen from a restaurant in the Nippon-daira Hotel.
Panoramic view of the Nippon-daira Hotel.
The statue of Yamato Takeru, said to have climbed Nihon-daira in mythological times.
Mt Fuji, tea plantations and Shimizu Port are the elements that make Sumpu Shizuoka City a paradise.
The Nihon-daira Ropeway that can take you from Nihon-daira to Kuno-zan Tosho-gu in 5 minutes.
The Nihon-daira Parkway that runs through the surrounding greenery.
11. Watch animal life up close at the Nihondaira Zoo.
The Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, best known for its landscape paintings and for Rodin sculptures.

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