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Shizuoka City, a global capital for models.


Do you know any plastic model manufacturers? Shizuoka City is famous as a place of production for plastic models, and is referred to as the global capital for models.

Model fans and buyers from all over the world gather at the "Shizuoka Hobby Show" and "Christmas Festa" held every year at Shizuoka City. There is a permanent exhibition facility for plastic models called Shizuoka Hobby Square, located in the South Exit of Shizuoka Station.

Photo Tour

Prominent craftsmen competed in their art at Sumpu during the times when Tokugawa Ieyasu was a mogul. This is the traditional craft called "Take Sensuji Zaiku". There is also a facility where you can experience manufacturing experience.
This is lacquerware, also a traditional craft. Works such as "Suruga Lacquerware" and "Suruga Makie" are said to have been made during the Imagawa era before Ieyasu.
"Shizuoka Hobby Square" located in the South Exit of Shizuoka Station. Many models are exhibited.
This is "Hayabusa" of Aoshima. The asteroid probe that impressed Japan.
"Hikone Castle" by Woody Joe, a wooden model brand. It looks just like the traditional craft itself.
EBBRO's minicar, the "Honda S800". The sports car longed for by young people in the 1960s.
Ferrari by TAMIYA. The model is a reduced version of the actual car. However, it doesn't give the same impression as the actual car just by simply shrinking it.
"Fokker Dr.I" by HASEGAWA. It is large, scaled to 1/8, and is an elaborate design that could be exhibited at a museum.
"Gunpla" by BANDAI. These model makers are gathered in Shizuoka City.
Large hobby exhibitions are held twice every year at Shizuoka City. The "Shizuoka Hobby Show" in May, and the "Christmas Festa" in December.
Fans and traders from all over the country and all over the world gather here. No wonder it's called the "World Capital of Models".
I want that airplane that I yearned for when I was a child. I don't need the real thing. I just want a model of it.

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