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Shizuoka has everything, just like Tokyo. You won't get nervous, as you might in Tokyo.

A Shopper's Paradise

In Shizuoka City, there are many department stores and large-scale commercial facilities complete with first-class brands. It is much more enjoyable shopping in Shizuoka City, than shopping in Tokyo. Why is this? It's because the staff here are friendly. It's also because you can shop at your own pace.

Sumpu, the land that nurtured Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the land that he established. It may be because of the climatically and geographically blessed conditions, that the people that live here are so kind.

Photo Tour

Shizuoka Station is the common station for the Tokaido Shinkansen and Tokaido Honsen Line. It's very convenient.
The Shizuoka City Museum of Art is located in front of the railway station. Exhibitions can be viewed at leisure.
The North Exit downtown of Shizuoka City, with Matsuzakaya and Parco.
A neighborhood with many young people. Shin-Shizuoka Senoba, Marui, and 109 are located here.
The staff members are cheerful and bright. They are very friendly.
Walk the compact town center. There are sweets and unique shops that can only be seen in Shizuoka City.
The Shizuoka Railway that connects Shin-Shizuoka Station located in the center of Shizuoka Station, and Shin-Shizuoka Station near Shimizu Port, is a 2-car train.
You can get around the city center by foot, but renting a bicycle is much more convenient. This is Chamachi.
The Shizuoka Sengen Shrine, a large shrine near Sumpu Castle Park. It was cherished by Tokugawa Ieyasu and former shoguns.
Houdaiin, located near Shizuoka Station. Tokugawa Ieyasu's wife's tomb is located here. There is also an exhibition room displaying art works.
The remains of the residence of the last shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, called "Fugetsuro". It has beautiful gardens, luxury restaurants, and hotels.
"Life Time", a jazz club inside the Fugetsuro area. First-class musicians from places like New York come to play. Enjoy a luxurious night.

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