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Shizuoka City is the capital of Japanese tea production.

Shizuoka Tea

Shizuoka Prefecture contains 40% of the total area of tea plantations in Japan, and the center of the tea industry in Shizuoka Prefecture is in Shizuoka City. That's why Shizuoka City is the capital of Japanese tea. Shizuoka City has tea producers, managers, employees of the tea companies and tea experts throughout the city. You may also be surprised at the number of tea dealers and signs selling tea that can be found here.

Black tea, Taiwan tea, and Chinese tea are all fantastic, but after trying some of the best Japanese tea in Shizuoka City, you will find yourself loving Japanese green tea the most.

Photo Tour

The mountains in Shizuoka City have many tea plantations.
An event that reproduces the "Ocha Tsubo Dochu" the Tea Procession, in which Tokugawa Ieyasu used to have people carry tea from the mountain to Sumpu Castle. Tea girls also made an appearance.
The arrival of "Ocha Tsubo Dochu" at Kuno-zan Tosho-gu.
There are many types of "Shizuoka tea", with various production areas and tastes.
Tea-picking in early May. Since it takes a lot of work, family and relatives work together in full force.
In the season of tea-picking, the color of tea leaves turn into a bright yellow-green.
Tea leaves being rubbed in the tea factory.
Tea leaves that were just rubbed. Rubbing is performed not only by machines but also by hand.
Cha-machi town in the center of Shizuoka City that has prospered from 400 years ago. Japan's number one tea master also lives in this town.
The "Engawa (Veranda) Cafe Terrace", where you can enjoy tea on the veranda of a tea farm.
There are many tea plantations from which Mt. Fuji can be seen, with the tea farm forming a superb view.
"Issa", a tea room specializing in Shizuoka tea, located in the underground city of Shizuoka Station North Exit. A nice place to stop by after arriving at Shizuoka City by the JR train.

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