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Though it is not well known, the spring water quality is superb.

Onsens of Sumpu Shizuoka City

Although Izu and Hakone are very famous hot springs in locations not too far from Sumpu Shizuoka City, there are actually many wonderful Onsens in Shizuoka City as well.

The most representative of these is the Umegashima Onsen. Travelling by car from the center of Shizuoka City to the Abe River headwaters for about 1 hour and a half, will take you to ryokans (Japanese-style hotels) lined up like a miracle, with supreme sulfur springs, active from 1700 years ago. There are also other high quality Onsens such as the Konya Onsen, Yuyama Onsen and Akaishi Onsen, each having its own unique characteristics.

Photo Tour

1 hour and a half by car from Shizuoka Station. Umegashima's Onsen district suddenly appears as if it were a miracle, deep in the mountains close to the headwaters of Abe River. There are 11 accommodation facilities.
The "Oyuno Furusato Koen Park", located in the Umegashima Onsen district. If you go up the stairs you will see the Yu-no-jinja Shrine and a cave of the fountainhead.  The waterfall on the right at the very end is called "Yudaki Fall".
This is the fountainhead of Umegashima Onsen. The hot spring drips from the entire rock surface of the cave.
An excellent spring quality that is said to have 1700 years of history. It constantly has the highest reputation among Onsen enthusiasts.
Your skin will become smooth with the high alkalinity, and your heart and body will be healed from the faint scents of sulfur.
The Shinden Onsen in the Umegashima area, "Kogane no Yu".
A Konya Onsen located in the Umegashima area. The Umegashima Plum Blossom Festival is held in March.
The Yuyama Onsen close to the Shin-Tomei Expressway Shin Shizuoka Interchange. This is also a renowned hot spring with history.
"Shirakabaso", an Akaishi Onsen in the Ikawa area.
A footbath in Mihoen Hotel, close to Miho-no-Matsubara. There is a large open-air bath.
"Sumpu Yume Hiroba", close to Mt. Kunozan. Enjoy many types of baths.
"Yamasemi-no-Yu", a Nishizato Onsen inside the forest park.

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