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The ruins of a large farming village from 1800 years ago.

Toro Ruins

The Toro Ruins are the remains of rice paddies and restored buildings belonging to a farming village from 1800 years ago. 60,000 square meters has been designated as the country's special historic site, and the entire site is free to visit.

At the Toro Museum, excavated pottery and farming tools are exhibited, and the daily lives at the time can be seen in detail. You can become a person from ancient times by wearing clothes from the era.

Photo Tour

Toro Ruins, a utopia from 1800 years ago. This building is a residence.
This building is thought to be a sanctuary.
A spacious rural landscape. It feels as if you are traveling through a time machine.
A deeper experience can be gained at the Toro Museum.
You can rent replicas of the clothes worn by the ancient people for free. Experience a time-slip by wearing these clothes.
Life of the ancient times looks fun.
Food from 1800 years ago. It might be healthy.
A kind person from ancient times teaches skills to light a fire. A chance to experience ancient wisdom.
Nostalgia can be felt somewhere in the atmosphere. Living here might be a good idea.
The Serizawa Keisuke Museum adjacent to the Toro Ruins. The buildings are very beautiful.
Inside the Serizawa Keisuke Museum. The exhibits are beautiful.
"Mochi-no-Ie (House of Mochi)" located west of the Toro Ruins. One of Shizuoka City's specialties, the delicious "Abekawa Mochi”.

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